A small introduction

About Curare Telehealth

We offer telehealth software solutions for hospitals, urgent care facilities and medical practices of all sizes, allowing doctors to interact with their patients in ways never before possible.  Our HIPAA compliant mobile and web applications allow physicians to not only see and treat patients but we allow the collection of “meaningful use” information and facilitate “PQRS” by offering a fully customized program.

Our mobile and web applications assist doctors with the collection and analysis of patient analytics and can assist in the measurement of best practices and overall improved outcomes.  Your data can be tailored to your specific practice or specialty and you have complete control over the data you want to collect.  The ease of use and affordability will improve patient access and overall patient wellness.

Our user-friendly interface helps patients find and connect with doctors quickly and easily based on first available or the patient can choose by specialty.  The ability to connect patient with practitioner has never been easier.


Curare Telehealth Software Solution is a cloud based, software as a solution, platform designed to empower patients and providers to engage in effective, meaningful virtual encounters not possible in the past.

The solution includes a web application, as well as mobile applications for both Android and Apple phones and tablets. The platform accommodates the required integration with electronic medical records to ensure users have access to the latest and most complete information when medical decisions are made. The integration is a very significant differentiation from other platforms on the market.

The solution improves practice management tools by collecting the data required for complete analytics to provide the basis for performance measurements and quality outcomes. As “pay for performance” becomes more pervasive, the Curare Telehealth Solution offers all of the capabilities to capture the data.

Telemedicine Market

In the year 2015, the telemedicine market was estimated to be worth around USD 23,224 million and is expected to reach USD 66,606 million by the year 2021. Healthcare is becoming more consumer-driven as patients demand more access and improved service. These demands can only be achieved via technology. As shown below in the graphic, over 60% of Americans are using their mobile devices for some sort of medical information.

Over the next few years the virtual delivery of healthcare is expected to expand exponentially, especially as reimbursement models transition from fee-for-service to shared-risk that will require new approaches to control cost and improve outcomes.

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